6 Best SAP Books for Beginners in 2022

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There are huge number of books on SAP and the choice to select the important books become difficult. Following are 6 books on SAP training that should be part of any ERP professional’s library.

SAP Material Master for Beginners

SAP MM is one of the core modules of the logistic process in SAP.SAP MM covers a broad area of business functionalities. There is no surprise that SAP MM is a very large subject, and it requires ample amount of time. To save users time and make subject matter easy, this book is designed to be small but covers all important aspects of SAP MM.

SAP Books

The book covers Master Data, Purchasing, Quotations, Purchase Order, Invoice, Pricing, Inventory Management.

Learn HANA in 1 Day

SAP Hana is popular due to its large main memories and massive parallel job processing capabilities. It makes SAP Hana real fast. The motive of this book is to develop a good understanding of how SAP Hana is used. The book does not need any experience with SAP HANA or software development.

SAP Books

The e-book covers HANA Architecture, HANA Studio, SQL Script, Data Type, Trigger, Sequence, Operator, Function, Expression, Identifiers, Data Provisioning, Modelling, Security & Reporting and Material Master data, Sales, Delivery, Billing, Pricing, & Credit Management.

Learn SAP HR in 1 Day

SAP HR/ HCM is a very popular in the SAP ERP landscape.

SAP Books

Learn SAP HR/ HCM in 1 Day serves as beginner guide for a crash course in SAP HR/ HCM module.

The book covers Infotypes, Actions, Organizational Management, Organizational Unit, Position, Time, Payroll, Post Payroll Run Activities.

Learn SAP SD in 1 Day

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is one of the most widely implemented modules of SAP. It covers business activities like Pre-sales, Inquiry, Quotation, Sales Order Processing, Shipping, Delivery, and Billing. SAP SD is used across industries. This book is designed for beginners with little or no prior SAP SD experience.

SAP Books

The ebook covers Customer Master and Material Master data, Sales, Delivery, Billing, Pricing, & Credit Management.

Learn ABAP in 1 Day

You do not require much effort to be proficient in SAP ABAP language if you have access to right learning resource. With this book, you can begin with your first SAP ABAP program in minutes

SAP Books

The book covers Data Dictionary, Macro, Include, Subroutines, Function Modules & Groups, Native and Open SQL, Internal Tables, Table Controls, Report Programming, Dialog Programming, Subscreens, ABAP List Viewer Programming, SAP Scripts, Smart Forms, Customer and User Exits, BADI, ABAP Query, SAP BDC, EDI ,ALE and IDoc, BAPI, RFC.

Learn SAP FICO in 1 Day

SAP FICO enables real-time financial information helps the organization to take important decisions. This e-book is intentionally prepared small to keep it simple and straight to the point.

SAP Books

The book covers Organizational Structure, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Reports, Month End Closing, Dunning, Cost Center.