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SAP BI (Business Intelligence) is a leading data warehousing and reporting tool. It helps convert raw data into information and insights that help improve business margins. This eBook is geared to make you a BI expert!

Inside this PDF

Section 1- Introduction

  1. Introduction SAP BI (First Chapter FREE)
  2. Overview of SAP BI Architecture
  3. SAP Infoobject, Infoarea, Infoobject Catalog Tutorial

Section 2- Advanced Stuff

  1. How To Create an Infoarea in SAP BI/BW
  2. How to Create an InfoObject Catalog in SAP BI/BW
  3. How to Create an InfoObject with Characteristics in SAP BI/BW
  4. How To Create InfoObjects With Key Figures in SAP BI/BW
  5. What is DSO in SAP BW? Why Use It?
  6. What Is Standard DSO in SAP? How To Create One?
  7. What is Write Optimized DSO in SAP? How to Create One?
  8. What is Direct Update DSO in SAP? How to Create One?
  9. SAP InfoSet Tutorial: What is, Create, Joins
  10. What Is an Infocube in SAP BI/BW? How To Create One?
  11. How To Load Master Data From Flat File in SAP BI/BW
  12. How to Load Transaction Data from Flat File in SAP BI/BW
  13. How to Load Master Data From ECC in SAP BI/BW
  14. How to Load Transaction Data from ECC: SAP RSA5
  15. All About Star Schema & Extended Star Schema in SAP BI/BW
  16. SAP BI Process Chain: Create, Check, Activate, Assign, Monitor
  17. SAP BI Content: Installation, Activation
  18. SAP BEx Query Designer Tutorial & Query Elements
  19. SAP BEx: Characteristics & Key Figure Settings (RKF, CKF & Formulas)

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