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PHP is the most popular scripting language on the web. Without PHP Facebook, Yahoo, Google wouldn’t have exist. The eBook is geared to make you a PHP pro. Once you digest all basics, the eBook will help you create your very own Opinion Poll application.

Inside this PDF

Section 1- PHP Fundamentals

  1. What is PHP? Write your first PHP Program (First Chapter FREE)
  2. How to Download & Install XAMPP & NetBeans: PHP Tutorial
  3. PHP Data Types, Variables, Constant, Operators Tutorial
  4. PHP Comments, Include/Include_once, Require/Require_once
  5. PHP Array: Associative, Multidimensional

Section 2- Lets introduce some Logic!

  1. PHP Control Structures: If else, Switch Case
  2. PHP Loop: For, ForEach, While, Do While [Example]
  3. PHP String Functions: substr, strlen, strtolower, explode, strpos, str_replace
  4. PHP Function: Numeric, Built in, String, Date, User Defined
  5. PHP Registration Form using GET, POST Methods with Example
  6. PHP Session & PHP Cookies with Example
  7. PHP File() Function: File_exists, Fopen, Fwrite, Fclose, Fgets, copy, unlink
  8. PHP Try Catch Example: Exception & Error Handling Tutorial
  9. PHP Regular Expressions Tutorial: Preg_match, Preg_split, Preg_replace

Section 3- Advance Stuff

  1. How to Send Email using PHP mail() Function
  2. PHP MySQLi Functions: mysqli_query, mysqli_connect, mysqli_fetch_array
  3. PHP Object Oriented Programming (OOPs) concept Tutorial with Example
  4. PHP Date & Time Function with Example
  5. PHP Security Function: strip_tags, filter_var, Md5 and sha1
  6. PHP XML Tutorial: Create, Parse, Read with Example
  7. PHP Projects: Create an Opinion Poll Application
  8. PHP Ajax Tutorial with Example
  9. PHP MVC Framework Tutorial: CodeIgniter Example
  10. CakePHP Framework Tutorial for Beginners
  11. PHP vs JavaScript: Must Know Differences

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