Top 16 Microsoft Access Database Interview Questions & Answers (2022)

1) Explain how you can import data from other sources into Access database?

To import data into Access data-base

  • In the main menu, click on EXTERNAL DATA, in the Import and Link group
  • Choose the type of the file you want to import
  • To know which type of file can be import or link Access database, follow the instruction in the Get External Data wizard

2) Explain what is the size limitation for an Access database?

The Access 2.0 database has the size limitation of 1 gigabyte.

3) Between different data’s what are the types of relationship can be formed?

The table contains your data can build three types of relationship

  • One-to-one relationships: A single data in one table is linked with a single data in another table.
  • One-to-many relationship: A single data in a table is linked to several data’s in another table
  • Many-to-many relationship: Where several data’s in one table is related to several other data’s in another table

4) Explain how you can build a relationship between the different databases in Access?

When you establish a relationship between two data, the first table for your data is referred as the primary key while the new field in another data is called a foreign key.

5) Name some of the file extension for MS Access?

Some of the file extension for MS Access are

  • Access database.accdb
  • Access project.adp
  • Access project.mdw
  • Access blank project template.adn
  • Access workgroup.mdw
  • Protected access database.accde

MS Access Database Interview Questions

6) Explain what do you mean by queries?

Queries are the medium of manipulating the data to display in the form or report. Queries can join tables, update data, delete data, sort, calculate, filter, etc.

7) Explain what joins are and how you can open the database in Access?

Joins determines the relationship between tables in Access by stating the details of the relationship between two tables. You can create joins on the database tools tab or by opening a query in design view.

8) Mention how you can create a simple query in Access 2013?

  • Open your database
  • Go to -> create tab
  • Click on the query wizard icon
  • Select a query type
  • From the pull-down menu choose the appropriate table
  • Select the field you want in the query results
  • To add information from additional tables, repeat steps 5 and 6
  • Click on next
  • Choose the type of results that you would like to produce
  • Give your query a title
  • Click on finish

9) Explain how you can export data in Excel format?

  • From the toolbar click on the External Data tab
  • Click Excel on the Export group
  • It will open the export excel spreadsheet dialog box
  • Specify the destination of the file name and format
  • When you click OK, it will export the data to Excel spreadsheet

10) Explain how you can create a table using MAOL (Microsoft Access Object Library)?

To create a table using MAOL, you have to pronounce a variable of type object and then initialize it with the CreateTableDef() method of the recent database object. This technique takes argument as the name of the table.

11) Explain how you can create a form in Microsoft Access 2013?

Forms allow to insert data across multiple tables. There are different methods for creating forms but with Form Wizard method, you can always modify the form later using Design View. To create a form

  • From the main menu, click on CREATE and then choose the FORM option
  • It will create a new form in Layout view, based on the fields in the Customer table
  • Scroll the drop down arrow under the View icon and select Form View. This how the user will see the form.
  • On the form, you will see fields like CustomerId, First Name, Last Name and Date Created
  • After filling of all details in the form, you can see the newly created record with data in the table
  • Once you completed filling the field in the form, confirm that you click on the save button on the top of the ribbon

12) In MS Access 2013 what are the different ways you can enter data?

Different methods you can enter data in MS Access are

  • Datasheet View
  • Form
  • SQL View
  • Import from External Data (XML, Data Services, HTML etc.)

13) Explain the use of WHERE clause in MS Access SQL?

  • In the WHERE clause of a SELECT statement, you use query criteria. For example, you want to find the address of a particular customer, but you only remember his last name that is Harrison. Instead of searching all the fields in the table, you use where clause to retrieve the address of the customer.

WHERE [LASTNAME] = ‘Harrison’

  • You cannot link or join fields that have dissimilar data types. To link data from two different data sources, depending on values in fields that have different data types; you will create a WHERE clause that uses one field as a criteria for the other field, by using LIKE keyword.

14) Explain how we can do multi-join query in MS Access?

In Access, we can only join two tables, in order to join more tables you require to group the first join together by using parentheses, as if it was a newly derived table. After that, you can join another table to that group.

Select * from((Table 1 
               LEFT JOIN Table 2…
    LEFT JOIN Table3…)

15) Explain how MS Access is better than MS SQL Server?

  • With a small number of users, MS Access is easy to handle and suited for desktop use
  • Easy compatibility and sharing compare to MS SQL Server
  • SQL server is, usually, used by developers and in a bigger organization
  • MS Access is cheaper than MS SQL
  • MS Access requires less database administration

16) What things to be taken in consideration for lookup fields?

Look up fields: Ensure that you relate tables, links, etc. if you want to show look up values and not look up ids. For the display of lookup values, related table should be linked to the destination field.

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