How to Create Inquiry in SAP: VA11


An inquiry document is an internal document .It records the information about the request from prospective customer to be circulated in the company and is not a legal document.

The information captured is mainly the materials and the quantity.More details could be added to the document which is optional. The big advantage of creating inquiry is to reduce any business overhead needed for completing the reply to the customer.

T-code for creating Inquiry is – VA11.

Step 1)

  1. Enter T-code VA11 in the command bar field.
  2. Select Inquiry Type from help. In screenshot , “IN” is selected for Inquiry.
  3. Enter Sales organization / Distribution channel / Division / Sales office / Sales Group.
  4. Select Sales Icon

Step 2)

  1. Enter Sold-To Party / Ship-To Party (This is Partner Function).
  2. Enter Material Code and Quantity .
  3. Click on Save Button.

Step 3)

A Message ” Inquiry 10000015 has been saved” displayed.