10 Best SQL Query Builders & Editor (Mar 2022 Update)

SQL Query Builder tools are used to easily create SQL queries that help you to get fast and accurate results without any knowledge of SQL or coding. They offer drag-and-drop or point-and-click interfaces that allow even non-technical users to build SQL queries quickly. It also provides a charting environment that enables users to save SQL query results as charts, reports, and dashboards. It also helps you to build SQL queries to extract data.

Here is a list of the Top SQL Query Builder tools. This list consists of paid and open-source tools with popular features and the latest download link.

Best SQL Builder

Name Supported platforms Database Link
DbVisualizer Windows, Linux, and macOS SQL Server, Oracle, MYSQL,PostgreSQL, SQLite etc Learn More
SQL Prompt Windows 10. Windows 8. Windows Server 2019. SQL Server, Oracle, and MYSQL. Learn More
Active Query Builder Mac and Windows. SQL Server, SQLite, IBM, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, etc. Learn More
Devart Windows and Mac. SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL Learn More
Aquafold Linux, macOS, and Windows. Apache Cassandra, IBM Netezza, Amazon Redshift, Oracle, and MySQL databases. Learn More

1) DbVisualizer

DbVisualizer is a universal database tool for developers, analysts and database administrators/users. It provides features to write SQL to query and visualize your data. Design and development features to manage your databases, tables, relations, indexes, triggers, users and etc. DbVisualizer has been downloaded over 5 million times and is being used in over 143 countries.


  • Free version available
  • Free evaluation of Pro version
  • Cross-platform
  • Query optimization with an explain plan feature
  • Visual query builder using drag and drop
  • Flexible SQL scripts execution with parameter support
  • SQL formatting
  • Command-line interface for headless execution
  • And much, much more..

2) SQL Prompt

SQL Prompt is an add-in for SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio that helps you write, format, navigate, and reactor your code.


  • Advanced auto code completion with IntelliSense feature
  • Helps you to analyze your code with Redgate SQL prompt
  • Allows integration with SQL Server Management Studio and Visual Studio
  • This SQL query tool offers a code snippet library
  • Provides fast and comprehensive code analysis
  • Offers SSMS tab history and coloring

Link: https://www.red-gate.com/products/sql-development/sql-prompt/

3) Active Query Builder

Active Query Builder is a querying tool that can work with many databases. It helps users to query the database to get the data they need.


  • It offers precise data selection for custom reports.
  • Enables ad hoc reporting to business users.
  • Provides users with safe access to data.
  • Enables you to connect to an external database.
  • Allows you to calculate the total for a given dataset.
  • It helps you to build SQL queries to extract data.
  • Allows you to map query columns to fields of internal database objects for importing data.

Link: https://www.activequerybuilder.com/

4) Devart

dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a powerful IDE for SQL Server management, administration, development, data reporting, analysis, and many more. It allows SQL developers and DBAs to perform complex database tasks like designing databases. It also helps you to synchronize schemas, generate meaningful test data, and much more.


  • Offers reliable database change management
  • Smart coding assistance
  • Better data protection and problem resolving
  • Provides SQL Server administration for secure database management
  • This Sequel query tool allows you to build and execute queries easily
  • It helps you to construct data manipulation queries without coding
  • It offers auto join of columns by primary/foreign key or name
  • You can combine questions to a sub-query using a visual SQL editor
  • Allows you to sort and filter data based on custom complex criteria
  • You can use the visual SQL query builder to profile designed queries

5) Aquafold

Aquafold quickly accesses and visualizes data in the relational database cloud and NoSQL databases along with an integrated development environment. It allows you to create an additional diagram in a tabular layout to design the database.


  • It helps you connect to a Database server and visually create queries.
  • This Query Builder allows you to make other diagrams in a tabbed layout to design the database.
  • Allows you to drag table columns from one table entity to another in the diagram panel.
  • Allows you to execute a query to retrieve query results in an editable, Excel-like grid.
  • Offers flexible administration of database and management of data.
  • Easy integration with a version control system for SQL and files.
  • It helps you in optimizing SQL queries by displaying the index sequence and prompting to use indexes.
  • Helps you to execute queries for editing tables.
  • Supported platform: Windows, Linux, Apple macOS.


6) Skyvia

Skyvia Query Builder is a web-based visual query builder for both experts and non-technical users. It helps you to extract the required data from supported cloud databases and applications without knowing anything about SQL.


  • Aggregations can be configured in one click.
  • Enables you to browse data relations and add columns from related tables to a query.
  • This SQL query generator lets you produce the exact data that you need by simply indicating the data in question.
  • You can change the sort of order with one click.
  • Provides type-specific filter editors for various field types which help you to configure filters effortlessly.

Link: https://skyvia.com/query/sql-query-builder

7) Razor SQL

RazorSQL is a SQL query builder tool, which helps users to visually build queries. It helps you to select and generate the SQL statement by choosing the columns and operations to be included.


  • It helps you to navigate and make changes in a database using select, insert, update, and delete statements.
  • Allows you to select the type of MYSQL statement you want to generate by just selecting the columns and operations to be included.
  • It can be used to simplify code creation.
  • This SQL query generator helps you to export data in various formats, such as delimited files.
  • Support platform: Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris.


8) SQL Query Builder Online

DBHawk is a web-based query builder that provides a simple tool to generate complex SQL queries. It allows the user to apply various filter conditions on live data, sort results, select/unselect columns, etc.


  • Allows you to drag-and-drop database tables from a schema browser to your query builder to build your SQL queries.
  • Allows you to use Oracle queries with few clicks using drag and drop feature.
  • Offers online SQL Query with SQL Preview.

Link: https://www.datasparc.com/sql-query-builder/

9) Chartio

Chartio Visual SQL comes with a built-in connection for Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and Amazon Redshift. It saves you substantial time to get the database application to productive use. It offers direct access to data in Google Sheets or CSV format.


  • It is intuitive for business users
  • Information is more quickly explored visually
  • Offers great autocomplete functionality
  • You can customize charts and graphs from your data to easily identify trends, patterns, and outliers
  • Offers interactive filter variables
  • Large results tables
  • Offers SQL version control

Link: https://chartio.com/product/visual-sql/

10) Advanced Query Builder

The Advanced Visual Query Builder helps you to build complex database queries without knowing the syntax of SQL statements. This tool offers a rich set of visual options available to combine SQL queries like GROUP By and JOINs.


  • Offers creation of queries with unions and subqueries.
  • Allows setting various query building parameters at the design-time.
  • It helps you to represent complicated SQL statements visually.
  • Provides components for working with the chosen server easily.
  • Provides full customization of object appearance, font colors, etc.



❓ What is an SQL query builder?

An SQL Query Builder tool allows easy creation of SQL queries that help you get fast and accurate results without any knowledge of SQL and coding. It offers drag-and-drop and point-and-click interfaces that allow even non-technical users to build SQL queries quickly.

It also provides a charting environment that helps users to save SQL query results as charts, reports, and dashboards. It also helps you to build SQL queries to extract data.

✅ Which are the Best SQL Query Builders?

Here are some of the Best SQL Query Builders:

  • DbVisualizer
  • SQL Prompt
  • Active Query Builder
  • Devart
  • Aquafold
  • Skyvia
  • Razor SQL
  • SQL Query Builder Online

⭐ What are the advantages of SQL Query Builder?

Here are some prime advantages of using the SQL Query Builder tool:

  • It provides a charting environment that enables users to save SQL query results as charts, reports, and dashboards.
  • It helps you to build SQL queries to extract data.
  • SQL builder tool can be used in PCs, laptops and servers.
  • SQL query builders also support multiple data backends.
  • It helps you to abstract some subtle differences in various relational databases.
  • Another advantage of using a SQL query builder is that it does not always hide the underlying querying language.

❗ Is SQL a programming language?

No, SQL is not a programming language. It is a query language. However, there are various adaptations of SQL like some quality for the definition of a traditional “procedural” programming language, like PL-SQL.

⚡ What are the most common SQL queries?

Following are the most commonly used SQL queries:

  • CREATE: It is used to create a new database or table.
  • ALTER: These type of query helps you to modify the structure of a database or a table, like adding a new column, rename an existing column, change of data type, etc.
  • DROP: This SQL query helps you to delete a table or a database.

👉 How do you open a query builder?

Here are the steps to open the query builder tool.

Step 1) Click SQL Workshop -> Query Builder option.

Step 2) Click on the down arrow on the SQL Workshop icon’s right side and see the drop-down menu.

Step 3) Select the Query Builder menu option.

⚡ Can a report be built on a query?

You can run SQL queries directly against the reporting data model and then output the results in a CSV format. It helps you to use, access and share the data specific to your needs.