Which SAP Module is in Demand? Career & Future Scope

We often emails along the line … “I have done XYZ degree and have ABC work experience. Could you recommend a SAP module for me? ”

It is difficult to answer all your emails, so, we decided to bring out a guide that will help you in choosing the “right” module for you.

You need to consider three factors in choosing a SAP module

  1. Job Opportunities in the chosen Module
  2. You academic background and work experience
  3. Your Career / Life Goals

Let’s look at them one by one.

Job Opportunities

SAP has 25 modules and adding. Refer this list of all top SAP Modules

But not all the 25 SAP modules are implemented in every company. The most implemented modules are the ones with most job opportunities.

We recommend you narrow down your choice of SAP modules in demand to the following which are popular

  1. SAP FI
  2. SAP MM
  3. SAP SD
  4. SAP PP
  5. SAP HCM
  6. SAP Basis/ ABAP – for people with a technical bent

Apart from the above best SAP course and modules, you can also consider making a career in many SAP add-on modules like which are HOT in market

  1. SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  2. SAP BI also known as SAP BW (Business Warehouse)

Academic Background and work experience

Once you have narrowed your choices to above modules, you need to factor in your education and work experience (if any) to trim the choices even further for best SAP module for future.

For instance, if you are a MBA in HR it makes no sense choosing SAP FI module. SAP HCM is a more apt module for you. Working in HCM module will give you a competitive advantage as compared to SAP FI where you will work as a fresher.

Your career and life goals.

This is often the most overlooked although the most important factor. Before selecting a SAP module , you need to think hard whether you want to work on SAP in first place ?

You need to factor in your inclination , passion , aptitude and career goals into your decision.

You need to ask yourself, whether you are looking for a “career” in SAP or just a job ?

Following tool will help you choose the best SAP module to learn for yourself. Good Luck 🙂

SAP Career Suggestion Tool