Accounting PDF: Beginners Bookkeeping (Download Now)

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  • 138+ pages in this Accounting eBook PDF
  • A cheap Accounting handbook PDF specially designed for beginners
  • Beautifully annotated screenshots in this Accounting notes PDF
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In this eBook, you will learn how to manage accounts and financial transactions to operate a successful business. This eBook includes tons of interactive exercises to help you create financial accounts. Make sure to take them.

Inside this Accounting PDF

  1. What is accounting and why do we need it?
  2. Assets and Liabilities
  3. The Accounting Equation
  4. Revenue, Expenses and Drawings
  5. Introducing The Complete Accounting Equation
  6. Basic transactions
  7. Journal Entries
  8. Ledgers
  9. Fixed assets and depreciation
  10. The Trial Balance
  11. How to produce a Profit and Loss Statement
  12. The Balance Sheet
  13. Cash Flow Report
  14. Decision Making – How to analyze financial reports to make informed decisions

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